Gie El Lighting Collection – MEDUSE

Gie El Lighting Collection – MEDUSE

Gie El – Sculptural Hotel Lighting / Unique Hotel Chandeliers / Original Hotel Lighting Compositions

Turquoise, spectacular, glass chandelier in an unusual, beautiful form. Created from organic lampshades in a crazy shape and unique color. This lamp is like a sculpture, harmonious and extraordinary. Full of beautiful, positive energy and unusual emotions. This is not an ordinary lamp, but a chandelier with a soul created by the Polish glassmakers. Each copy is hand-made over the red-hot furnaces, then the lampshade passes through the hands of a craftsman who selects the dye, sinks it in the glass and blows the glass by holding it on a long lance, creating a spectacular product. Behind this product is the architect Jacek Rypuła, who designed and refined this unique form together with glassmakers.

Product Details

This is how unusual products are created. That’s how design is born. The lamp form, though with a free, dancing shape, is not a mere coincidence. The creative process is a conscious form, combined with the appropriate function. This chandelier is a product of unusual stylistics and sculptural character.

The selected color for our chandelier, i.e. deep turquoise, is the result of using special dyes which are produced by air bubbles under the influence of high temperature prevailing in smelters. Sank in glass, they resemble magical land. Fleeting, free, slightly playful form. Each lamp has different arrangement and different intensity, which emphasize the natural, hand craft. Additionally, it has a delicate dark spots that enhance the organic nature of this product.

The lamp perfectly transmits the light thanks to its unique color, creating an interesting game of light and beautiful, picturesque reflections in the interior. During the day the lamp gracefully presents itself, filling the space of interior. An excellent decoration at any time. For people who expect unusual and elegant solutions for which the quality of interior design is of particular importance. A product with a soul that will enchant the area in which it is placed.

The chandelier is dedicated to private and commercial interiors.

Recommended for spacious rooms, with a large cubic area, such as living rooms with a raised ceiling or open two floors. Suitable for restaurants, cafes or hotels. Suspended in the lobby or staircase, it will be a beautifully exposition. Perfectly fills the space of the banquet hall, hung over the piano.
We often mention that when choosing Gie El products, you choose a conscious and balanced design, a Polish handwork, that reject the mediocrity and cliché of mass, factory production. You reach for exceptional products, products with a soul and perfect beauty. We are happy for your conscious choices. Welcome to the world of Gie El.

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