Gie El Lighting Collection – GENIUS crystal chandelier

Gie El Lighting Collection – GENIUS crystal chandelier

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GENIUS is a sculpture chandelier, where the light of the chandelier comes out from the inside of the crystal. Every stone is characterized by an organic form, each in a different shape, size or translucency. The GENIUS chandelier is a product that was created out of the need for beauty.

Mountain crystal is a precious stone created entirely by nature. A natural and genuine mineral with many properties. Extremely plastic and picturesque. It blends perfectly with the light, receiving it and then giving it back in the form of a very subtle glow. A beautiful, natural product that creates a special symbiosis with light.

Product Details

The designer, Maria Rypula, saw the potential in this raw stone and decided to create a product that would enrich the interior. “When I first looked at this raw stone block, I liked its natural form. Uncut, irregular, wild. Each different. I thought it was an interesting product. However, when I directed my smartphone’s flashlight towards it, I was speechless. It was like a culinary combination of two ingredients. All good. However, only after combining them together we achieve an exceptionally surprising taste. The same with the combination of light and crystal. The way the light travels through the rock crystal is mesmerizing. I knew that we were facing an amazing challenge to create a contemporary, modern chandelier. ”

GENIUS is a truly imposing and modern chandelier that consists of many individual rock crystals of various sizes. Each stone is suspended on a thin cord, twined with yarn. The composition of the chandelier was created so that the crystals could be freely and organically suspended in space. This chandelier is the inspiration behind the classic chandeliers. A classic lamp in a modern version. GENIUS is a sculpture lamp, where the light of the chandelier comes out from the inside of the crystal. Every stone is characterized by an organic form, each in a different shape, size or translucency. Some stones are perfectly smooth and resemble pure ice. Other, on the other hand, are dull and mysterious. Their internal structure influences the way light is transformed out of the crystal. The stones hanging in the chandelier’s composition shine as the starry sky. Some shine stronger, some weaker. Some are bigger, some are smaller. This method of composition makes the chandelier a sculpture that is supposed to influence emotions and enrich the interior. “When designing a product, I pay attention to how it affects the final recipient and how it generates emotions in them. The functionality of the product is extremely important, but I want the product to intrigue and be what a sculpture is inside. ” says the designer.

The rock crystal used in the product is a real gemstone that has been mined in Europe for centuries. A natural product with all the features and properties of a rift. The ancient Greeks claimed it was a stone sent by the gods. A truly authentic product far from imitation and mediocrity. Extracted in a sustainable way, respecting European laws and quality standards. Machined in a minimal way that emphasizes the nature of the material. For lovers of nature and true beauty.

The GENIUS chandeliers are one of the most magnificent modern chandeliers in the Gie El offer. They create a spacious and phenomenal form. Designed for spaces that require exceptional detail and an attractive, impressive form. The spatial arrangement predisposes this lamp to such places as the area above the grandiose dining table as well as hotel or restaurant lobby. Imagine our modern chandelier above your beautiful table. Think of the soft light that beams from the inside of the crystal and illuminates the room. This was the reason to create the GENIUS chandelier. Its task is to create mood and bring soft, enveloping light into the interior. A perfect product to decorate home spaces and service interiors, such as boutique stores, hotel interiors and modern restaurants.

The chandelier has two separate light sources. The intimate light, i.e. the light that influences emotions and creates atmosphere in the interior, is the light flowing from the inside of the crystals. The second source of light are small LED bulbs with exceptional light output located in the lamp lining. Thanks to such solution, we can easily illuminate the interior. We can use both light sources simultaneously as well as only one. A unique option is the use of dimmable LED bulbs in the lining, thanks to which we can freely control the light intensity.

Gie El once again reaches for natural raw material in the production of lighting. A Polish brand that is characterized by sustainable choices and emotional products. Sustainable production and conscious choices accompany the brand in creating new collections of interior furnishings. The Gie El unconventional and non-standard products arise emotions and affect the sensitivity of the recipient. The sculptural nature of the products, natural materials, interesting forms and local production are the trademarks of the brand. Gie El products blend beautifully in conscious interiors, which are characterized by detail and good taste. Welcome to the world of Gie El.

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