Gie El Lighting Collection – BEE

Gie El Lighting Collection – BEE

Gie El – Sculptural Hotel Lighting / Unique Hotel Chandeliers / Original Hotel Lighting Compositions

A classic and flagship product of the Gie El brand. Glass BEE lampshade with a timeless, elegant and subtle form. Gently convex, transparent with casted-in air bubbles. The lamp is extremely natural, delicate and airy. Simple, almost fleeting in form. Beautiful, expressive chandelier, created by hands of a man. Created by Gie El designers, who in cooperation with Polish metallurgical craftsmen created this unique product. Handwork is the distinguishing feature of this lamp. Thanks to it, each shade subtly differs from each other. Each piece has different distribution of air bubbles. Small details that make up the whole element determine its beauty and character.

Product Details

A hand-made lamp manufactured in Poland. Craftsmen responsible for its production are steelworkers, who use lances to blow out each lampshade into wooden molds. Each Gie El piece passes through man’s hands, caring about the natural means of production. We make sure that each manufactured detail has a soul and its introverted beauty.
The glass of the lampshade is fully transparent. We owe the numerous air bubbles to the character of production. What is imperceptible during the day is visible at night by the lighted lamp. The bubbles take on the color of the light bulb and radiating light, sparkling with gold reflections. They are like gold particles embedded in the surface of the glass. Thanks to its transparent color, the lamp lets in the light, enveloping it with its warmth and glow.
This chandelier is characterized by a free, harmonious, slightly fleeting form. The lampshades are located at different heights, which emphasizes their organic character. Designed for spacious interiors with large cubic area. Adds elegance and subtle charm to the rooms. Perfectly suits both private and commercial spaces. A great lighting proposition in places that require non-standard solutions. A lamp for people looking for beautiful forms and unusual ideas. Gie El products are characterized by Polish production, paying attention to detail and design quality. They are free from mass clichés, mass production and factory digital repetitiousness. Here, the design is born in cooperation with designers and craftsmen. We focus on sustainable and conscious production. We are happy with your choices. Welcome to the world of Gie El.

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