Gie El Lighting Collection – PAFIL

Gie El Lighting Collection – PAFIL

Gie El – Sculptural Hotel Lighting / Unique Hotel Chandeliers / Original Hotel Lighting Compositions

Elegant glass chandelier comprising of lampshades made of hand-molded Pafil glass. The product is designed for the most demanding clients who are looking for true jewels for their interiors. This lamp is crafted by Polish steelworkers and each piece is hand-made. Mass, factory production is out of the question here. We choose the colors by hand, mix them and immerse them in glass. The effect is fabulous. The lamp shimmers with a multitude of pastel colors and shades. It looks as if it was brushed by an artist who paints the impressionistic image of a flowery meadow on the canvas. Piece of art.

Product Details

Pay attention to the detail of color and its natural charm. This has not been made by coincidence. Created by Polish glassmakers. Designed by Gie El. The Pafil glass is a unique name that is dedicated only to this type of glass, which is dyed in such way. Pafil is a brand in itself and can not be mistaken for any other glass product. Feel free to familiarize yourself with Pafil glass and invite it to your interior. The created lamps are pleasing to the eye and enrich the interiors regardless of the time of day or night. During the day they will be a decoration thanks to their plasticity. At night, they will light up the room with soft light. The dynamic character of the lamp was obtained thanks to the free arrangement of individual lampshades at different heights. The lamp will be great in spacious, high interiors, such as high ceiling rooms, staircases as well as in restaurants, hotel lobbies, over the piano or a buffet. Perfect for any place where you are looking for a phenomenal lamp. This chandelier is dedicated to people seeking remarkable, beautiful, unique and timeless solutions, which emphasize and enrich the character of the interior with their elegance and nobility. By choosing the Polish Gie El brand, you reject the mediocrity and cliché mass production. You get a sustainable and consciously crafted product as well as world-class design. Reach for beauty enclosed in this original product.

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