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Gie El Lighting Collection – BUBBLE

Gie El Lighting Collection – BUBBLE

Gie El – Sculptural Hotel Lighting / Unique Hotel Chandeliers / Original Hotel Lighting Compositions

A hand-made hanging lamp with an unusual, organic form and a unique glass structure. Both, elegant and subtle. The hallmark of this product are air bubbles embedded in the glass form. Freely arranged, these bubbles seem to escape from this amazing lamp. Due to the manual nature of manufacturing, each lamp is slightly different, although still maintaining its character. Crafted by Gie El designers, who in cooperation with Polish metallurgists created this unique product. The distinguishing feature of this lamp is handwork itself. Thanks to it, each lampshade is subtly different from each other, having a different air bubble placement detail.

Product Details

A handmade hanging lamp from Poland. The craftsmen responsible for its manufacturing are metallurgists who blow each lampshade using thermic lances. Wooden forms are not used in its production. The lamp is made entirely by hand, so there are no two identical copies. Every piece through human hands. Gie El puts a premium on the natural character of the product. We take care that manufactured products have soul and beauty.

The glass of the shade is fully transparent. We owe numerous air bubbles to the nature of manufacturing process. What is imperceptible during the day is highlighted at night with the lamp lit. The bubbles take over the color of the bulb and the spreading light, which sparkle with golden reflections. They are like gold particles embedded in the surface of the glass. The lamp, thanks to its transparency, lets light into the interior, enveloping it with its warmth and glow.

Gie El products are characterized by Polish craft, attention to detail and design quality. They are free from the cliché of mass series production and factory digital repeatability. Here, design is born in collaboration between designers and craftsmen. We focus on sustainable and conscious production. We are happy with your choices. Welcome to the world of Gie El.

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