Gie El Lighting Collection – MESH

Gie El Lighting Collection – MESH

Gie El – Sculptural Hotel Lighting / Unique Hotel Chandeliers / Original Hotel Lighting Compositions

The MESH lamp collection exudes a sculptural and expressive design, bringing an artistic touch to hotels interior. These modern lamps align with current design trends, drawing inspiration from nature, color, and emotions. The Gie El brand incorporates elements of plants and animals into their lighting projects, creating a visually pleasing and natural environment. The color scheme often reflects natural hues, adding to the comfortable and relaxing ambiance that these lamps create. The collection features elongated shapes that evoke an organic feel and the soft light emanating from the mesh adds a play of light and shadow, making it a valuable addition to hotel space.

Product Details

The MESH lamp collection is a modern and artistic piece of lighting that is designed to bring a unique and sculptural element to hotels interior. The lamp collection is inspired by nature, color, and emotions, and incorporates elements of plants and animals to create a natural and visually appealing environment. The mesh material used in the lamp allows for a soft and diffused light, creating a play of light and shadow that is a key feature of the product. Additionally, the collection is handcrafted and produced on a small scale, making each piece unique and one-of-a-kind. The Polish brand Gie El, known for their unique and boutique chandeliers, is behind the MESH collection which is designed to bring an original and modern touch to hotel space.

The variety of chandeliers in the woven mesh collection includes different designs and comes in both gold and silver hues. The gold version is crafted using copper, zinc, and phosphorus, while the silver one is made from stainless steel.

Gie El, a Polish brand, is known for its special and unique chandeliers, featuring a boutique style, striking design, and playful shapes – all of which are hallmarks of the brand. For years, Gie El has been producing lighting fixtures with distinct forms, which has become one of the brand’s defining characteristics. When you choose a one-of-a-kind lamps like MESH collection, you’re choosing an original product that will add a modern touch to hotel space.

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