Gie El Lighting Collection – HANA

Gie El Lighting Collection – HANA

Gie El – Sculptural Hotel Lighting / Unique Hotel Chandeliers / Original Hotel Lighting Compositions

Design closed in the geometry of broken surfaces and dynamic form. This product is the transformation of the well-known BIRD lamp that has already settled in Gie El for good. The combination and free composition of small BIRD lamp model have created this spectacular chandelier. This lamp resembles birds caught in flight, harmonious and dynamic at the same time. Extremely plastic. A theater of the game of light and shadow, which takes place on the surface of the chandelier and in the interior in which it is located.

Product Details

Created by the designer and founder of the Gie El brand, architect Jacek Rypuła, who took care of the aesthetics, composition and arrangement of the lamp form and designer Monika Pluta. The following chandelier is a reflection of modern technological possibilities. Each lamp is laser cut from a thin sheet metal. Then subjected to machine bending and lackering. Manually equipped with the appropriate electrical accessories. The color of the lamp is a choice of classics and timeless colors. White is a flagship color, together with black being common and continues in the interior design despite the changing trends and current fashion.

The lamps are hung on a common soffit using textile braided wires. Each piece of the SPIRAL lamp is laser marked with the Gie El logo, which proves the original design and Polish production. The chandelier is dedicated to interiors with large cubature, which need a spectacular complement. It looks beautiful near staircases, in the open spaces with two floors or open living rooms. Created for commercial buildings, restaurants, cafes, hotels. Chosen by interior architects for places that need a stylistic dominance and interesting game of light. Appreciated by customers who prefer good taste and unique forms. Another product from Gie El stable, that you surely find eye-catching.

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