Gie El Lighting Collection – MODERN chandelier

Gie El Lighting Collection – MODERN chandelier

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Steel sculpture floating in the air. Yes, it could be dream but it’s true. One peculiar chandelier is the answer for this challenging idea. The Portal incorporates both art and iconic polish design. Versatility of dynamic, geometric modules allows to see much more than the original form suggests. Portal Chandelier leaves the area for free interpretation for the viewer, encouraging carefree contemplation.

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Frozen in flight – Portal Chandelier Sculpture created by air is the essence of Portal which is desired to be a depiction of the volatile nature of flora. Geometric forms hanging on thin steel lines tell the story of falling and spinning autumn leaves that will never descent. The floating objects are suspended in the air to depict the falling of leaves frozen in time. Steel objects suspended in the air are attractively illuminated by energy saving LED bulbs. These are giving additional, intriguing light reflections. The placement of the bulbs does not distract from the actual sculpture and has the ability to light up large interiors. The Portal is the work of the architect and founder of the brand Gie El, Jacek Rypuła and designer Monika Pluta. This piece of art was created to enrapture the user with combination of modern technology, natural beauty of chemical process of corrosion and well-crafted design.

Golden autumn dwells within a rust, bras or white.

Unobvious conjunction of black and distinctive rust give rise to phenomenal composition of colors. The light extracts from corroded steel colors like orange, copper, bronze and gold with uncounted number of its shades. Depending on the lighting source, which comes from a chandelier or other medium, the Portal presents its different color aspects. This lighting sculpture also allows you to enjoy the unique colors and light we get in the autumn season in the comfort of your own home all year around. The choice of materials and its colors have been specifically chosen to depict the colors within the natural world during autumn. Just like the sun brings out the color from the leaves, the light of inconspicuous LED bulbs shows us the beauty of steel covered in rust. Portal chandelier illuminates both our interior and rusty forms of art in three-dimensional, aerial composition. When the aura of autumn and winter does not allow you to enjoy the warm colors of autumn, give yourself a sensual feast for the eyes. Let the Portal come to your home and take you into another dimension.

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