Gie El Lighting Collection – SHINGLE

Gie El Lighting Collection – SHINGLE

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A lamp with an original material and natural composition. SHINGLE is a collection of lamps with the application of wood. In our design we used roof shingles that were used to cover the roofs in the past. This natural and beautiful material was used to create SHINGLE lamps. The lamp exposes the natural charm of the material, becoming a unique product with a characteristic and extraordinary form. Maria and Jacek Rypuła, architects and founders of the Gie El brand are responsible for the lamp’s design. A marriage of designers who work and use natural materials in their work, exposing their structure, form and timeless beauty.

Product Details

This lamp consists of many pieces of wooden shingle. This wood is initially processed by splitting it. As a result, we obtain single shingle boards, which in the drying process receive a natural, slightly arched shape. Then, each shingle is hand-selected and hand-coated with natural wax. Thanks to this process the wood is preserved while additionally exposing its natural structure. The shape of the lamp resembles a pine cone and it is also often called that way – cone. This model is characterized by an amazing and original form and exceptional effusion. As a result, the SHINGLE lamp is dedicated to interiors that require a unique accent and complement with a product different than any other. This is a bold lamp. It will be an ornament and a strong aesthetic accent your interior. Often chosen by architects and designers, for interiors whose style breaks with conventional and run-of-the-mill solutions as well as common, everyday patterns. This beautiful lamp with a soul is branded with Gie El logo.

Gie El once again breaks stereotypes and elevates non-obvious material to the rank of design. When you reach for Gie El products, you choose Polish, conscious design and new quality. You decide on hand-made production and the uniqueness of each individual piece. We are happy with your choices. Welcome to the world of Gie El.

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