Gie El Lighting Collection – AVOCADO

Gie El Lighting Collection – AVOCADO

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Wooden pendant lamp AVOCADO. Its shape resembles a sectioned avocado. There are two LED panels inside. The hole in the middle part is on both sides - the lamp shines both down and up. It is covered with a milk plexiglass plate. The lamp gives a soft, diffused light. The upper part shines warm color, while the light directed down has a cold shade. The lamp is made of oak plywood, protected with brown wax. Avocado is suspended on three steel cables - two in the wider part and one in the narrower part. In the narrower part, a colorless PVC cable was also laid.

Product Details

Avocado is a modern form that suits minimalist and modernist interiors. It can hang over a coffee table in the living room, dining table or kitchen island. In the office or office, it will illuminate your workplace. It is an interesting alternative to lighting a stairwell, hall or corridors. It will be an ideal addition to bright rooms. Avocado can be hung individually or in a group. Thanks to adjustable links, it can be freely adjusted – hang perfectly horizontally or at an angle. The minimalist design of the lamp also works well with commercial spaces – offices, cafes or hotels.

The inspiration to create a series of Avocado lamps was, as the name suggests, the avocado. We liked the shape of the fruit cut in half. We decided to move its pear shape with a characteristic pit into the interior in the form of a lamp. The pulp has been replaced with oak plywood and the pit with a shining hole. We used LEDs for lighting. The whole lamp has been hung on steel cables, which can be freely adjusted. Thanks to this Avocado can be hung at different heights. Hang straight or at an angle. Depending on your vision.

Avocado series of lamps consists of two models of lamps – bigger and smaller. Each model is available in three versions – dark and light wood and rust. Lamps look great individually and in a group of several pieces. They are suitable for both home and commercial spaces.

If you liked the Avocado lamp, but you need it in a different size or color – write to us. We will try to create a lamp that you dream of!

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