Norris Green Design – Sustainably made LED downlights from LumiAdd

Norris Green Design – Sustainably made LED downlights from LumiAdd

Norris Green Design – Sustainable Hotel Lighting / Decorative Lighting for Hotels / Eco Hotel Lighting

Introducing the new Heilis downlight range, a remarkable fusion of innovation, sustainability, and flexibility. Manufactured in the UK using cutting-edge 3D printing technology and plant-based polymers, this collection represents a breakthrough in eco-friendly illumination. With a commitment to sustainability, our luminaires redefine traditional manufacturing processes, offering both a greener alternative and unparalleled design flexibility. Join us as we light the way towards a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow with luminaires that not only illuminate spaces but also reflect a commitment to a cleaner, more conscientious world.

The flexibility of our 3D printed downlight lies in its customisable design options. Featuring separate components for the bezels and reflectors, and options for custom diameters and reflector depths, this luminaire range offers unparalleled adaptability to suit your project. To further set this collection apart, all components are available in 180 different RAL colors, providing an extensive palette to choose from. This flexibility ensures that our downlights seamlessly integrate into any design scheme.

Product Details

This range of downlights covers all a lighting designers needs. Cutout sizes from 65mm upto 111mm. Outputs from 500lm up to 2400lm. Excellent colour rendering of RA90. All standard luminaires in the range boast an industry leading efficacy of over 100 luminaire lumens per circuit watt, significantly surpassing the newest building regulations. This saves energy and money on bills.

Lumiadd is also offering a buy back scheme on all their products to support the return of LumiAdd luminaires at the end of their first use.
This is to ensure they can be re-used again. The buyback scheme is facilitated by QR code labeling on their products, which are designed for easy disassembly and repair. This exemplifies the circular economy in action by fostering a closed-loop system of resource use and reuse.

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