MatroLuxe – Pillow Dreamota

MatroLuxe – Pillow Dreamota

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Each of our products is filled with care and love. We offer a wide range of sleeping accessories to suit every taste. Dreamota - soft and gentle with the optimal height to support the neck and head.

Product Details

The model also has the following advantages:

No getting used to it – guaranteed comfort from the first use.
The height of the pillow is medium.
It is environmentally friendly and safe.
Does not accumulate dust, moisture and does not absorb unpleasant odors.
Natural fabric – percale (100% cotton).
Anti-allergenic innovative filler.
Modern design.
Packaging: branded plastic bag.
Recommendations for care: temperature up to 40 degrees, delicate use, minimum number of revolutions / dry cleaning.

Materials used in the manufacture of the product:

Filling. The main filler is DreamSilic.
The cover is made of natural cotton fabric. The material is characterized by density, practicality, reliability and wear resistance.

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