MatroLuxe – Duvet/Blanket Dreamota

MatroLuxe – Duvet/Blanket Dreamota

MatroLuxe – Luxury Hotel Upholstery / Hotel Cabinet Furniture / Sustainable Hotel Beds

Each of our products is filled with care and love. Demi-season blankets Dreamota will keep you warm and cozy even on the coldest winter nights.

Product Details

The model also has a lot of advantages:

Wear resistance and durability.
Resistance to dust mites.
Premium fabric – satin.
Eco-friendly filler DreamSilic Fibers Luxe.
Seasonality: winter.
Density: 4.
Design: fabric with a pattern, stitching “strip”.
Packaging: branded organizer bag.
Care recommendations: temperature up to 40 degrees, delicate use, minimum number of revolutions / dry cleaning.

Materials used in the manufacture of the product:

Filling. The main filler is eco-friendly DreamSilic Fibers Luxe.
The cover is made of natural fabric – satin. The material is characterized by density, practicality, reliability and wear resistance.

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