MatroLuxe – Mattress Virgo

MatroLuxe – Mattress Virgo

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Buying a Virgo mattress means caring about the quality and comfort of your sleep. Because it is considered one of the most popular in the Constellation line. It is a top quality product that provides the necessary support for every area of the human body. The effect is achieved through the use of an independent Pocket Spring block. Another distinguishing feature of the collection is the cover fabric, which has been specially developed for Matroluxe.

Product Details

Mattress Virgo
brand/label Constellation
model Virgo
height 23
firmness H4/H4
cover stretch-jacquard stitched with wool on one side and with cotton on the other side
zip no
warranty on the mattress 2 years
maximum load up to 140 k
info spring
filling stretch-jacquard stitched with wool
Oxygen foam 25 kg/m3 – 2,5 сm
Sizal Latex – 1 сm
Felt – 500gr/m2
5 zone pocket spring – diameter – 6 сm, 5 coils, steel cross-section – 1.75 mm. Number of springs – 307 pcs/m2
Felt – 500gr/m2
Steel frame – steel diameter 2.2 mm
Angle support system – diameter 2.2 mm
EuroFrame – 10 cm ST 22 kg/m3
Sizal Latex – 1 сm
Oxygen foam 25 kg/m3 – 2,5 сm
stretch-jacquard stitched with cotton

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