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MatroLuxe – Modular Sofa Harper

MatroLuxe – Modular Sofa Harper

MatroLuxe – Luxury Hotel Upholstery / Hotel Cabinet Furniture / Sustainable Hotel Beds

Harper sofa by MatroLuxe is a comfortable modern model without a folding mechanism. If you like to receive guests and spend time in a large company, this is a great option for home furnishing. The product consists of separate modules that can be moved and installed to your liking.

Product Details

Materials used in the Harper modular sofa
To make a sofa at a furniture factory, the following materials are used:

Filling. Environmentally friendly polyurethane foam is responsible for the comfort of the seat and cushions. PU foam has an optimal balance of softness and elasticity, holds its shape well and does not deform over the course of its service life. Due to the fine-cell structure of the material, dust and moisture do not accumulate in it.
Frame. The frame of the model consists of chipboard, snake, natural wood and plywood. This combination of materials gives the structure special strength, reliability and durability.

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