MatroLuxe – Bed VIDNOVA

MatroLuxe – Bed VIDNOVA

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The most important thing in recovery is to pass the message on. Our main goal when creating the project was to provide a new level of freedom and confidence, so that even the furniture in the house could inspire the owner and convey his mood and character. It was important for us to go beyond the conventional notion of interior, because we believe that interior is not just stuff. It is the soul of the house, which says a lot about the owner and his lifestyle. And the heart - the most important organ in this organism - is the accessories. After all, they are the ones that most identify the owner of the house, add an irreplaceable charm that sets it apart from thousands of others.

Product Details

Durability that will delight you
Our bed has an extremely durable frame made of plywood and wood. You can rest assured that it will not be damaged, and any external damage can be easily repaired within a few days. This saves you time and money, and provides outstanding reliability for your home or hotel.

Quick and easy assembly
Assembling our bed is a real pleasure. The ease and speed of assembly makes our bed an ideal choice for both private homes and hotels of all sizes.

Unlimited design possibilities
One of the main advantages of our bed is that you can create a variety of design solutions for your sleeping space. You can choose from a variety of upholstered panels, mix and match fabric colors and textures to create a unique style for each room. The bed can be easily customized to accommodate changes in design preferences and personal style.

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