ikitree – Penman porcelain table lamp

ikitree – Penman porcelain table lamp

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Aim this lamp to write some light on the wall. The porcelain shade delicately glows above the surface, beautifully showing the hand-poured porcelain material. Its iconic shape fits a wide range of interiors. Use the Penman to light up a special corner or a decorative side table. This lamp emits fine light while being a treat to look at.

Product Details

Light upwards

The Penman is a great lamp for decorative hotel lighting. The light is aimed upwards in a soft and diffuse bundle of light. This lamp emits functional and decorative light while being a stunning object in its own right, also when switched off.

Hand-made porcelain

The shade is made of slip-casted porcelain. This is carefully done by hand in Utrecht, The Netherlands. This shade is made very thin. When the lamp is switched on, the light emits through the ceramic material. This results in an unmatched soft and sandy glow that is beautiful to look at.

Just the right light source

The correct light sources can easily be sourced and exchanged because ikitree lamps use E14 fittings.

Every item is unique

By the nature of the porcelain material, every Penman lamp is unique. The light will shine through differently with each lamp, showing small traces of the handmade process. Small imperfections in the porcelain surface add character to the design.

Custom Packaging

Every Penman table lamp is shipped in its custom packaging. This will ensure the lamp will be in perfect condition when you unpack it. Also, the custom packaging is designed to have a minimal carbon footprint. This is done by smartly using materials, and by designing the packaging as small as possible to ensure efficient shipping. Materials used in the packaging can easily be separated to enable complete recycling.


shade:  white glazed porcelain

frame: steel, powder-coated black

fitting: E14, metal

cable: fabric sleeve

cable length: 1.9 m

switching: switch on the cable


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