ikitree – Art Director porcelain floor lamp

ikitree – Art Director porcelain floor lamp

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The Art Director floor lamp can light up many different settings. Its black steel frame has a positive and friendly stance. The white glazed porcelain head shines with a patient quality. The hand-made porcelain head provides beautiful light with just the right feel and color. The light softly shines through the porcelain, showing traces of the hand-made production process. This gives every lamp its very own unique character. It’s a treat having such fine light right by your side. Position the lamp just where you need it. Over your shoulder or over to the side. Light your book directly or aim the light sideways by swiveling the shade. The inside of the shade is not glazed; the matt porcelain eliminates glare nicely.

Product Details

Timeless floor lamp with a porcelain shade

With your light by your side and over your shoulder, this floor lamp is a trusted companion. With its elegant and modest frame, the Art Director stands proud, lights up, and decorates. The white porcelain shade reflects light in just the right color, natural and slightly warm. You can say goodbye to any unpleasant glare, the glow of this ceramic material is a joy to look at.

Porcelain shade

The elegant shade is carefully made by hand with slip-casting porcelain. Every lamp is unique and shows its very own porcelain qualities. Small traces of imperfections showcase the ceramic material and give the lamp a special feel. When the lamp is switched on, the porcelain glows softly. There is nothing like having the most beautiful light with you.

Adjust the shade

With a pleasing smooth touch, the shade can be rotated if needed. While avoiding glare, the perfect amount of light can easily be found for pleasant reading and beautiful lighting.

Just the right light source

The correct light sources can easily be sourced and exchanged because ikitree lamps use E14 fittings.

Custom packaging

Every Art Director floor lamp is shipped in its own custom packaging. This will ensure the lamp will be in perfect condition when you unpack it. Also, the custom packaging is designed to have a minimal carbon footprint. This is done by using materials in a smart way, and by designing the packaging as small as possible to ensure efficient shipping. Materials used in the packaging can easily be separated to enable complete recycling.


shade:  white glazed porcelain. Note the inside of the shade is not glazed to minimise glare.

frame: steel, zinc plated and powder-coated black

fitting: E14, metal cable: black plastic cable length: 3 m switching: foot switch on the cable


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