ikitree – Improviser porcelain clock

ikitree – Improviser porcelain clock

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The Improviser clock is made of a single porcelain slab. The outer shape is the result of fluid porcelain flowing and stopping. Every clock is unique and different, the porcelain looks frozen in time. The brass hands and the time indication form a poetic contrast with the outline of the clock, which is shaped by chance. This design reminds you that our measured time is rigid and rational, in contrast with much of our lives. Every time you look at this clock, be reminded that the unpredictable can surprise you, just dare to improvise. Available in white, dark grey, and soft pink.

Product Details

Every clock is unique

The Improviser is a clock made of a beautiful porcelain slab. Every clock is unique and different.

The organic outline of this clock is the result of hand-pouring porcelain on a flat base. The porcelain flows outwards and then it stops in its path. Beauty can be found in imperfection, and in the wonderful qualities of this ceramic material.

Available colours

The Improviser clock is available in white, dark grey, and soft pink.


Quartz timepiece with creeping seconds hand

battery (not included): 1.5V LR6 AA

slab clock: porcelain

finish: unglazed, extra matt

hands: brass

seconds hand: brass coloured metal


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