ikitree – Little Vocalist porcelain pendant lamp

ikitree – Little Vocalist porcelain pendant lamp

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Little Vocalist is a pendant lamp with a sweet small size and modest design. This lamp leaves ample space to look through and leaves visual space for the rest of the interior. Up close the brass details and delicate thin porcelain are impressive in their quality. Three or more Little Vocalists together create a unique and subtle lighting set above a long bar or table. The small dimensions of this lamp make it suitable for many interior settings, for example, individually placed above small restaurant tables. This lamp can be used in repetition without dominating the interior. Because of its modest design, Little Vocalists also look beautiful against a colourful background or wallpaper.

Product Details

Great as a set

Three or more Little Vocalist pendants together create a unique and subtle lighting set. The shades beautifully diffuse the light, emitting perfect lighting above a table. The porcelain is hand-poured in Utrecht, and it beautifully diffuses light. In white, the shade is carefully made so thin, that it softly glows when the lamp is on. The material qualities and unique imperfections then shine through. Available in white and sand colour.

The repetition of the porcelain and brass is a celebration of quality materials.

Porcelain shade

The shade of the Little Vocalist pendant is carefully made by hand with slip-casting porcelain. Every lamp is unique and carries its very own beautiful material qualities. Small traces of imperfections showcase the ceramic material and give this little pendant lamp something special.

When the lamp is switched on, the handmade process shines through with a soft wonderful glow.

Available colours

Besides white porcelain made very thin, the Little Vocalist pendant is also available in a beautiful sand colour. This colour is a pigment in the porcelain. The lamp is finished with a transparent glaze.

As opposed to this lamp in white, in this colour the lamp does not emit light through the porcelain.

Custom Packaging

Every Little Vocalist pendant lamp is shipped in its custom packaging. This will ensure the lamp will be in perfect condition when you unpack it. Also, the custom packaging is designed to have a minimal carbon footprint. This is done by smartly using materials, and by designing the packaging as small as possible to ensure efficient shipping.

The entire packaging can be disposed of with the paper waste to enable complete recycling.


shade: glazed porcelain, easy to clean

strain relief: brass with transparent coating

fitting: E14, porcelain

cable: fabric sleeve

cable length: 3 m

ceiling cap: black coated steel


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