ikitree – Lighting Designs for Hotels

ikitree – Lighting Designs for Hotels

ikitree – Handcrafted Hotel Lighting / Porcelain Hotel Lighting / Lighting Designs for Hotels

Some interiors call for custom lighting designs. For example, larger combinations of pendant lamps tailored to your situation. This page gives an impression of what is possible. Please get in touch to find out what we can create for your project.

Product Details

ikitree look ’n feel

By creating timeless aesthetics and using marvellous materials, we create honest designs that breathe quality. Great from a distance, mesmerising up close, we use materials such as porcelain and brass that will stand the test of time.

Bespoke hotel lamps

Lighting designs that are exactly tailored to your hotel can contribute beautifully to the hotel experience. For example, an arrangement of pendants in a hallway or above a bar can spark up the atmosphere in an intended manner.

A complete custom and unique design is possible as well. In this case, ikitree will set up a close collaboration to make sure this design will perfectly suit your hotel and business.

Top-quality product development

Ikitree is used to working on all aspects of the product development process, from strategy to production. We design the aesthetics, and simultaneously we design a product that can be manufactured. We feel comfortable communicating with all stakeholders, be it the CEO or the skilled people in a production facility. Working on the entire process in this manner enables us to connect the dots between different stages of product development. In this way, the product story is safeguarded: creating added value to your hotel as envisioned in the strategy phase.

Managing risk

We are familiar with and have experience designing for most production techniques. We have a breadth of experience with a large network of suppliers and specialists. This enables smart choices early on and avoids unpleasant surprises during later stages. Product development inherently carries a certain level of risk. Therefore, it’s important to weigh different risk factors while making decisions in the design process. Our all-round way of working contributes to this, supported by iteratively planning the design process. We’ll take it step by step, you will be involved. We help you in making the important decisions.


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