With the aim to raise awareness about rising sea levels and plastic pollution- World Ocean Day serves as a chance for all of us- particularly in the hotel and travel industry- to reflect on the importance of our oceans. Not only the role they play in housing immense biodiversity and life sustaining oxygen- but also the ways in which they enhance and create many of the beautiful locations to which the travel industry owe their success.

World Ocean Day for many acts as a reminder of the responsibility we must claim in the sector to look out for the planet- so that it can continue to sustain the life and biodiversity that make these beautiful travel locations. In recent years, an increasing number of hoteliers have been taking on this responsibility- and actively seeking out sustainable companies to supply their hotels. At hotel suppliers, we proudly bear the weight of this responsibility and do what we can to compile the words best, most trusted sustainable suppliers all in one place. We make hotel sustainability easy- so that you can focus on your guests.

So, without further ado: here are four ways that Hotel Suppliers are helping hoteliers take care of our oceans:



SNOAP’s revolutionary hotel soap dispenser holds 2 bars of soap- thats equivalent to over 5 litres of liquid hand wash or shampoo! This means that one fully loaded SNOAP dispenser is the equivalent of 20 bottles of liquid hand wash- but with absolutely none of the associated single use plastic waste! 

What’s more- certain SNOAP products- such as the Eco Shower Puffs- are made entirely out of recycled ocean plastics. When you purchase a SNOAP Eco Shower Puff- you are essentially picking three plastic bottles out of the ocean.

Aside from their innovative products, SNOAP actively work with Global initiative Project Seagrass to reduce the amount of plastic waste polluting the oceans and to educate about the effects of plastic pollution on the planet. 


2. Quatreau 

Filtered Water for Hotels Hotel Bottle Refill Tap

Quatreau’s 5 function tap and HydreauBar water bottling station allows guests instant access to sparkling, chilled and filtered water without the need for single use plastic bottles.

You can say goodbye to vending machines and mini fridges packed with plastic- because with the Quatreau HydreauBar you can sterilise and refill up to 100 reusable bottles per hour. 


3. Repurpose 

Repurpose provide non-toxic compostable tableware for hotels and in doing so- have become pioneers in the move towards sustainable everyday products that don’t pollute our oceans. Since launching, Repurpose have kept 4 million pounds of plastic waste out of landfills and oceans- instead using upcycled eucalyptus, sugarcane pulp, and wood. With low carbon footprint and sustainable packaging, Repurpose is the way to go for all your hotels single use everyday item needs. 


4. Gordon Castle 

Gordon Castle’s sustainable in-room eco-amenities are made with natural oils and plants from their award winning Walled Garden in Scotland. All of their packaging is biodegradable and made from recycled materials- with options for refillable glass amenity containers that can be personalised with onsite engravings. 

Once finished with their packaging, the recycled material is added to a composting facility where it is broken down and added back into garden soil to nourish new plants and oils- genius!