Natural, Eco, Sustainable Luxury Hotel Toiletries – all with natural essential oils from flowers and botanicals grown in the enchanted garden

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Eco Sustainable Hotel Amenities / Natural Hotel Fragrances

Eco Sustainable luxury hotel toiletries and amenities all with natural essential oils, lifestyle products and more!

All crafted using flowers, fruits and botanicals and the extracted essential oils from the ‘Award Winning’ Walled Garden.


Crafted using specialised producers with pure, natural, essential oils from the plants and flowers grown in the Walled Garden, the collection is never tested on animals. There is no artificial fragrances, colours, parabens, glycols, sulphates or petrochemicals found in our products, and the candles are hand poured with 100% natural wax.

AWARD-WINNING Natural Hotel Amenities

Botanicals and fruits from the garden go into the award-winning gin, gin liqueurs, Scottish Cider and the Ghillies Ale.

Eco Sustainable hotel amenities – SUSTAINABILITY

We are passionate about our eco sustainable hotel amenities and using as much of the produce from the garden as possible. All of our packaging is biodegradable and made from recycled materials. Once we have finished with our packaging we add it to our composting facility. Over time this breaks down and goes back into the garden soil. As we move away from plastic use altogether, we have developed a refillable glass range. This can be engraved with your business logo or message.

Natural Hotel Amenities – SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY

Our role in helping the local economy, employing over sixty people across Gordon Castle. Working closely with Moray to develop and empower young people, volunteers and craft producers to create a better local economy. Speak to us about out natural hotel amenities today!

Supplier Details

Eco Hotel Amenities / Natural Hotel Amenities


This historic award winning garden acts as the inspiration behind the luxury brand Gordon Castle Scotland. Since launching in June 2014, the brand now produces over 300 lifestyle products such as natural hotel body products, fragrances and premium hotel gin, all emanating from the plants, herbs and fruits grown in the garden. With eight acres, The Walled Garden is one of the largest producing walled gardens in the country. In 2021 the garden was voted peoples choice Historic Garden of the Year.


Discover our beautiful, natural hotel body products and bath products, unique to the exclusive Gordon Castle Scotland brand, built upon centuries-old provenance. Crafted using pure, natural, essential oils from plants and flowers grown in the walled garden, our natural hotel fragrance collection is as pure and as natural as the garden itself. Never tested on animals and handmade in the British Isles, this range of products contain no artificial fragrances, colours, parabens, glycols, sulphates or petrochemicals and our hand-poured candles are made from 100% natural wax.


At Gordon Castle, our products contain natural essential oils and infusions from the flowers, fruits and herbs grown in the Walled Garden. It can be a beautiful addition to the Gifting and Point of Sale range in your Shop, Spa or Foyer.

The different natural hotel fragrances are:

Sustainable Hotel Amenities – Herb Garden

A Scottish herbal scent combining rosemary, thyme, clary sage and lavender to soothe the mind and restore the senses.

Flower Garden

Our flower meadow luxury scent combines rose absolute and geranium bourbon essential oils to aid relaxation and refresh the mind bringing a breath of fresh air to any home.


Gorgeously scented, this combines mandarin peel and sweet orange essential oils to uplift the senses. An everyday indulgence for the home, helping to create an elegant atmosphere.

Sustainable Bespoke Refillable Dispensers

Looking for an extra special touch and a more eco-friendly plastic-free sustainable solution for your suites and public areas?

For businesses looking to move away from single-use plastic, the brand has gone one step further. Fortunate enough to be able to engrave onsite, the brand has launched a refillable engraved bath and body range. Each design can be personalised with your logo carefully engraved onto the bottle. Creating a sustainable, unique and with the finest of luxury, product.

Retail option also available

Alcohol Range

Gordon Castle Premium Botanical Gin 43% ABV for the ‘perfect serve’ for your Restaurant and Bars.

Scottish herbs are hand-picked from our walled garden and carefully blended and distilled to tease out the botanicals. This small-batch gin is crisp, elegant and refreshing with a lovely clean palate. Subtle notes of lavender linger in the back of the nose and within the mouth allowing garden mint to come into focus, helping promote the clean and refreshing character.

Serve over ice with fresh lemon, lime, mint and premium tonic…

Premium 27% ABV Gin Liqueurs

Crafted using herbs and fruits grown in the Gordon Castle Walled Garden, these make the perfect summer tipple. Enjoy in cocktails or on their own.

Cider & Ale

Crafted using apples and pears grown in our walled garden, our cider is crisp, refreshing and well-loved (for good reason!). Our pale ale is made from our estate barley harvested on the banks of the world-renowned River Spey.

Premium Hotel Gin in Miniatures

Our miniatures are very popular for the person that wants to try all three! These can be offered in a variety of ways: Singly for your minibar, Gifting or Retail Off-sales in your Shop or Foyer including our trio set gift pack.




Eco Hotel Amenities
Eco Sustainable Hotel Amenities
Natural Hotel Amenities
Eco Hotel Amenities
Eco Sustainable Hotel Amenities
Natural Hotel Fragrances
Natural Hotel Fragrances
Eco Hotel Amenities



Karen F Millar - Sales & Brand Support Manager - Natural, Eco, Sustainable Luxury Hotel Toiletries – all with natural essential oils from flowers and botanicals grown in the enchanted garden

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