Mirabella Beauty – Magic Marker Liquid Eyeline

Mirabella Beauty – Magic Marker Liquid Eyeline

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Long-lasting, intense color in a brush-tipped eyeliner marker.

Mirabella's Black Magic Marker Eyeliner is a must-have makeup essential!  This liner provides long-lasting, intense and luminous color with a brush-tipped applicatore that is finely structured to create and precise and controlled application. *Cap tightly for optimal application.

Product Details

Available in Very Black.

Paraben-free, Gluten-free, Cruelty-free.

Net Wt.: 1g/0.036 US oz

Lay down the line with Mirabella’s Black Magic Marker Eyeliner with ink that flows freely from this flexible brush-tipped liner for a smooth, continuous line with the ability to make it delicate or bold.  No tugging, skipping or flaking, this best-selling liner is a classic in matte black and formulated for even the most sensitive eyes.

Pro Tips:

Store marker upside down to ensure ink flows freely into tip for a flawless application.


Apply along lash line and extend at outer corner to create a wing, if desired.  Use the tip of the marker to create a fine line and the side of the marker to create a wider line. If ink starts skipping in application, it is time to replace the marker. Cap marker tightly to avoid drying out.

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