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Natural Hotel Skincare / Professional Hotel Cosmetics / Hotel Makeup Products

Our brand philosophy is:

TRUE TO YOU – Be comfortable, confident, and beautiful in your personal makeup style.

NO IMITATIONS – We promise to provide products that perform. Mirabella is a curated collection of hotel makeup products…the best of the best. No fillers or substitutes.

BEAUTY IS A LIFESTYLE – We believe that natural hotel skincare products can be fashion-forward but also good for you. Our entire product lineup is Paraben-free, Gluten-free, and Animal Cruelty-free. All formulas are infused with skin-loving antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Today, the modern woman plays many roles. For women who wake up feeling girly one day and glam the next, Mirabella truly offers professional hotel cosmetics, makeup and skincare with personality.

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Mirabella Beauty - Natural Hotel Skincare / Professional Hotel Cosmetics / Hotel Makeup Products

Beauty is a lifestyle. If you disagree, scroll #makeupjunkie on Instagram feed, or  ask Mirabella’s new owners Layne and Miranda Coggins. While the professional makeup brand adopted this philosophy in early 2014, the Coggins have vowed to embrace it; spending the first seven months of ownership improving product formulations and developing sleek modern packaging in an effort to complete the salon beauty experience and create excitement among the clean cosmetic brand’s current customer base.

The Coggins may be just getting started with Mirabella, but the duo is no stranger to the beauty industry. Miranda founded The Lano Company, initially specializing in natural lanolin-based lip balm, in 2005 after suffering from chronically chapped lips. Layne joined The Lano Company a year later to facilitate sales, and the company quickly began developing relationships with major distributors and retailers nationwide. As the company grew, two brands were established: Pure Cosmetics, specializing in a wide range of beautiful yet affordable paraben-free and natural-based cosmetics, and Pure Lano, an all-natural skincare line.

“I was ecstatic to have the opportunity to purchase Mirabella.  It felt like a natural extension of The Lano Company,” says Miranda.  “Mirabella’s focus and dedication to creating naturally-based, talc-free cosmetics parallel our collective mission for The Lano Company as we have always striven to do the same with our two brands: Pure Cosmetics and Pure Lano.”


Born out of frustration with the quality of cosmetic brands available to salon professionals, makeup artist and salon owner Christy Thurston developed Mirabella in 2002 to create a total beauty experience for the salon industry. The brand’s extensive shade range and mineral-based formulas quickly became an industry leader in cosmetics. In 2007, John Maly partnered with Mirabella, continuing growth efforts by expanding globally. Although the brand’s customer base continued to grow and product development was steady – inflation of the cost of goods sold, customer communication, and complications moving product nearing the expiry date, it was evident a different approach was needed.


Each of Mirabella’s previous owners had one goal in mind: to create an ever-evolving cosmetics line tailored to the specific wants and needs of salon industry professionals. The Coggins have recognized the need to continue Mirabella’s tradition of offering natural hotel skincare, professional hotel cosmetics and hotel makeup products and to create a manufacturing landscape that allows the company to make products more affordable while continuing to improve upon formulas and packaging to keep up with trends in the market. Before the Coggins’ purchased Mirabella in 2017, the brand had initiated the first stages of a company-wide rebrand, a task which the new owners embraced and continued.

“We loved the direction Mirabella’s rebrand was taking with beautiful modern ombre packaging, chic metallic gold and silver accents, and an overall shift in packaging to a higher-end look, “says Miranda Coggins.  It seemed like a perfect time to initiate a shift in shades and components that were not popular among our customers while working to lower costs on the manufacturing front.”

After reconstructing the line with a stunning new array of wearable shades, high-end packaging, and a new, lower pricing structure, the final step would involve updates to the display units available to salon customers. The Mirabella team worked to create attractive acrylic modules that transition seamlessly into current premium display units for the addition of new products. An innovative new open sell unit (strategically priced at $2000), complete with model imagery and backlighting, was also designed to beautifully showcase each natural hotel skincare product and hotel makeup product in the line, along with housing open stock and tester units.


While Mirabella has undeniably undergone drastic changes over the past few years, the Coggins remain dedicated to continuing the brand’s mission to offer the professional salon industry a full clean cosmetics line with quality formulas. The entire line, from natural hotel skincare and professional hotel cosmetics to hotel makeup products, feature Mirabella’s signature emphasis on remaining talc, dye & gluten-free as well as cruelty-free.  While cosmetics will always remain Mirabella’s core offering, the brand is proud to be expanding into skincare with a mission to focus on the skin’s deeper foundation through the practice of self-care.  The Radiance Project will include professional products and tools explicitly created with promoting beauty from within.




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Layne Coggins - VP of Sales - Mirabella Beauty – Natural Hotel Skincare / Professional Hotel Cosmetics / Hotel Makeup Products

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