Mirabella Beauty – Balance Alcohol-Free Toner

Mirabella Beauty – Balance Alcohol-Free Toner

Mirabella Beauty – Natural Hotel Skincare / Professional Hotel Cosmetics / Hotel Makeup Products

Moisturize, cleanse, and tone with one product suitable for all skin types. 

This gentle soothing formula calms sensitive skin and restores balance while maintaining natural moisture levels. 

Product Details

A next generation toner that is suitable for all skin types and created to soothe skin with powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents.  This high-performance, alcohol-free toner works to purify and balance skin while Sodium Hyaluronate aids in keeping skin looking its best!

Key Ingredients:

Glycerin and Sodium Hyaluronate work to hydrate and lock in moisture, leaving skin feeling soft and supple Alcohol-free Witch Hazel removes excess oil and aids in skin healing Anti-inflammatory ingredients, like Aloe and Lavender, calm irritated skin and reduce redness Peony Root Extract adds an antioxidant boost which protects the skin’s surface and enhances clarity.

Pro Tips:

Gently wipe toner lips to cleanse, refresh, and hydrate before applying lip products.


Dispense toner onto a cotton ball or cotton pad by placing over the pump and pushing down.  Wipe saturated pad over skin to moisturize, cleanse, and tone.

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