Mirabella Beauty – Mini Open Sell Display with Open Stock

Mirabella Beauty – Mini Open Sell Display with Open Stock

Mirabella Beauty – Natural Hotel Skincare / Professional Hotel Cosmetics / Hotel Makeup Products

Luxurious Free-Standing Point of Purchase Display of all 112 Mirabella Products

The Mini Open Sell Display is Mirabella's smaller but full, luxurious stand-alone display of all 112 Mirabella core products. Included are Mirabella's beautiful Display Unit, a complete set of testers, along with retail backstock.

Product Details

This freestanding display is a Mirabella exclusive and features Mirabella product testers as well as store open stock and creates a stunning unit for any salon/retail space.  Complete with marketing, models, and a mirror, customers can easily view Mirabella’s product line and compare shades.

The beautiful new Mini Open Sell Display is Mirabella’s smaller, full stand-alone unit. This innovative, eye-catching display features the line in its entirety, a mirror for flawless testing of the products, and marketing imagery to assist in sales. Each unit purchased comes with a full set of testers, retail bags, and product catalogs.

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