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AMAZONAS – Hammocks for Hotels / Hotel Swing Chairs / Hotel Garden Seating

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Hammocks for Hotels / Hotel Swing Chairs / Hotel Garden Seating

Introducing AMAZONAS – a global leader in the art of crafting exquisite hammocks for hotels, renowned for our commitment to quality and comfort.

Immerse yourself in the world of relaxation with our diverse range of hotel garden seating and lounging products, including:

  • Globo Single Seater Wooden Egg Chairs
  • Globo Royal Double Seater Wooden Egg Chairs
  • Wooden Garden Tables
  • Duo Hotel Swing Chairs
  • Wooden Swing Lounge Sets
  • Range of Hammocks for Hotels and Stands

Elevate any space into a haven of comfort with our carefully curated selection, tailor-made for various settings:

  • Enchanting hotel garden spaces
  • Exquisite super-car showrooms
  • Inviting waiting areas
  • Stylish bars and restaurants
  • Serene wellness centers
  • Opulent boutique hotels
  • Luxurious spa resorts

Embark on a journey with AMAZONAS, inspired by our founder Matthias, whose South American adventure three decades ago ignited the creation of our exceptional hammocks and hotel swing chairs. Crafted with expertise and passion, our hammocks are the epitome of comfort, each woven with stories of exploration and tranquillity.

Today, AMAZONAS stands proud as the sole hammock manufacturer adorned with the prestigious GS Quality and TUV Safety marks. These symbols of excellence testify to our unwavering commitment to safety and quality, ensuring that every piece of hotel garden seating is a testament to the artistry and precision embedded in our craft. Join us in creating spaces of unparalleled relaxation and luxury, where every hammock becomes a masterpiece of comfort and style.

Supplier Details

AMAZONAS - Hammocks for Hotels / Hotel Swing Chairs / Hotel Garden Seating


(Matthias Saul, Founder)

In 1992, I discovered the benefits of hammocks for hotels. After travelling to many different countries and continents including Ecuador, Peru, Europe, and Africa; I wanted to do more exploration around South America but sleeping on the ground in the rainforest is not an option. Thus, I was introduced to hammocks, a new experience that would hugely influence my life.

On these adventures, I would need a rain cover and a mosquito net amongst other things. But a complete set with all these features was too heavy and not easy to transport. Ultimately, I resulted to sourcing the materials in South America and building my own, with the help of the Huaorani tribe. The result was a hammock with mosquito protection and a tent as rain protection, weighing more than 7kg. This hammock left me with back pain and even mosquito bites.

Fortunately, we had our guides with us. They had been sleeping in hammocks since childhood and were amused by the back pain induced by my self-built hammock. They showed me how to hang up a hammock properly, and how to lie in it. This was the beginning of sleeping without back pain, and every evening I’d work to improve my hammock.

When I returned to Germany, I did not leave hammocks behind. I imported hammocks and sold them to friends and acquaintances and after a few months you could even buy AMAZONAS hammocks in some stores. And so, an idea became a successful company, my ambition to develop my own hammocks and hotel swing chairs and to bring them to the market became bigger and bigger. That was the starting point for setting up my own hammock weaving mill in Brazil, the origin country of hammocks. Many months in Brazil with my new friends and real traditional hammock makers taught me the basics, which I still use today. Many of these experiences and qualities I found there, you can still find today in our hammocks for hotels.

After almost 30 years of development, failures, and countless test journeys around the world, I have now reached my goal. Every night in one of our hammocks brings me back to those nights in Ecuador.

Today I am proud of my life’s work and consider myself a specialist, with our hotel garden seating products being sold worldwide. Fortunately I am no longer alone and I have a large team that helps me to further develop and continually improve.

In conclusion, I can only tell you one thing, the best hammock is the one that you simply always have with you. That is my ulterior motive with our products.

Yours, Matthias

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Henry Stephens - Head of Partnerships - AMAZONAS – Hammocks for Hotels / Hotel Swing Chairs / Hotel Garden Seating

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