GreenEarth® Cleaning – G-Series Dry Cleaning Machine 40|60|80

GreenEarth® Cleaning – G-Series Dry Cleaning Machine 40|60|80

GreenEarth® Cleaning – Hotel Dry Cleaning / Non Toxic Dry Cleaning / Sustainable Dry Cleaning System

G-Series Optimized Dry Cleaning Machine for GreenEarth® Silicone   40 | 60 | 80 

Product Details

Introducing the G-Series Dry Cleaning Machine: Revolutionizing Your Cleaning Experience with GreenEarth

Are you ready to elevate your dry cleaning business to new heights of efficiency and customer satisfaction? Look no further than the G-Series Dry Cleaning Machine, meticulously engineered to deliver exceptional results with GreenEarth silicone. Here’s why the G-Series is the ultimate investment for your business: Efficiency Redefined: The G-Series has been expertly designed to maximize efficiency while minimizing costs. Say goodbye to the cumbersome valves, filters, and specialized components required by other solvents to address safety, regulatory, and odor concerns. With the G-Series, you’ll experience unparalleled simplicity and savings. Streamlined Operation: Operating the G-Series is a breeze, thanks to our preloaded proprietary programs. No need for extensive training or complex setups; it’s ready to deliver exceptional performance from day one.Advanced Filtration: Our spin disc filter comes pre-loaded with Activated Clay, a revolutionary feature that eliminates impurities that typically necessitate distillation with other solvents. This means less downtime, more efficient cleaning, and greater convenience for your business. Effortless Maintenance: Compared to other systems, the G-Series requires minimal maintenance, saving you valuable time and resources. It’s a hassle-free solution that keeps your focus where it matters most – on your customers. Accelerated Drying: We’ve equipped the G-Series with a GreenEarth silicone fluid heater to drastically reduce drying times while enhancing the cleaning process. Faster turnaround means happier customers and improved efficiency. Easier Cleaning: Our round base tanks not only make cleaning a breeze but also minimize the risk of lint buildup. You can maintain a pristine workspace effortlessly.Precision Cleaning: The Uni-Jet Spray feature allows you to combine high-pressure pre-treatment with gentle cleaning, ensuring optimal results for a wide range of fabrics and garments. Stay Connected: With I-Connect, you can effortlessly connect with our technical team via the internet, reducing downtime and ensuring your machine always operates with the latest programming. Aesthetic Appeal: To top it all off, the G-Series comes with an eye-catching full-color machine wrap and LED door light, showcasing the uniqueness of your investment. It’s not just a tool; it’s a statement of excellence. Unmatched Cleaning: GreenEarth silicone cleans as effectively as traditional solvents while being gentle on fabrics and completely odorless. Your customers will notice the difference in their clothes, from vibrant colors that don’t fade to delicate beads, sequins, and trims that remain intact. Fabric finishes stay smooth, and natural oils are preserved. Make the smart choice for your dry cleaning business – invest in the G-Series Dry Cleaning Machine and experience a new standard of excellence. Your customers will see, feel, and smell the difference, and your business will thrive like never before. Elevate your cleaning game with the G-Series today!


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