GreenEarth® Cleaning – Activated Clay – STANDARD SIZE

GreenEarth® Cleaning – Activated Clay – STANDARD SIZE

GreenEarth® Cleaning – Hotel Dry Cleaning / Non Toxic Dry Cleaning / Sustainable Dry Cleaning System

Product Details

Elevate Dry Cleaning with ACTIVATED CLAY FILTRATION Prepare to revolutionize your dry cleaning process with ACTIVATED CLAY FILTRATION (ACF). Unlike aggressive solvents such as perc and hydrocarbon-based alternatives that dissolve soils into the solvent, necessitating extensive distillation for purification, ACF takes a radically different approach. Here’s why ACF is your path to a cleaner, greener, and more efficient dry cleaning experience: The ACF Advantage: ACF harnesses the power of food-grade calcium bentonite to purify GreenEarth silicone. This unique process gently eliminates odors, dyes, and other soils to an exceptionally fine degree. The result? A level of cleanliness so remarkable that distillation becomes a thing of the past. Simplified Application: Integrating ACF into your dry cleaning machine is seamless. Our proprietary maintenance programs effortlessly apply ACF to your spin disc filter, eliminating the need for cartridge or all-carbon filters. This not only simplifies your process but also reduces detergent usage. Efficiency Unleashed: ACF unlocks a host of benefits, including shorter cycle times and utility cost savings of up to 60%. By bypassing the distillation system with single-bath programs, you streamline your operations without compromising on quality. Delight Your Customers: Ultimately, it’s all about customer satisfaction. Fabrics emerge from your dry cleaning process feeling luxuriously soft, impeccably fresh, and smelling delightful – meeting and exceeding your customers’ expectations. Easy Integration: GreenEarth offers pre-packaged, measured bags of ACTIVATED CLAY, tailored to the size of your machine and the number of spin disc filters. Our team can assist with programming adjustments, transitioning your washing programs to single-bath processes, and implementing new filter maintenance routines. We provide comprehensive training videos to guide you through the effortless use of ACF in your dry cleaning machine. Experience the future of dry cleaning with ACTIVATED CLAY FILTRATION. It’s not just a game-changer; it’s a revolution in cleaning technology. Contact us today to embrace a cleaner, more efficient, and customer-focused approach to dry cleaning.


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