GreenEarth® Cleaning – Prime 3/2 Pre-Brushing Agent 2.65 Gal (10 Litre)

GreenEarth® Cleaning – Prime 3/2 Pre-Brushing Agent 2.65 Gal (10 Litre)

GreenEarth® Cleaning – Hotel Dry Cleaning / Non Toxic Dry Cleaning / Sustainable Dry Cleaning System

GreenEarth Prime 3/2 Pre-Brushing Agent 2.65 Gal (10 Liter) 

Product Details

PRIME: Precision Pre-Spotting and Pre-Brushing Excellence for Dry Cleaning In the realm of professional dry cleaning, precision and efficiency are paramount. Allow us to introduce PRIME, a meticulously crafted solution designed to offer exacting pre-spotting and pre-brushing capabilities that seamlessly complement the optimized GreenEarth Cleaning System. Here’s why PRIME stands out as the choice for the discerning professional: Elevated Efficiency: For the efficient dry cleaner, minimizing labor and supply costs is the ultimate goal. PRIME excels in this regard by efficiently removing soils in advance, drastically reducing the need for post-spotting interventions and their associated expenses. With PRIME, you unlock a streamlined, cost-effective operational framework. A Soil Management Expert: PRIME harnesses the prowess of anionic surface-active agents to deliver exceptional water-binding and soil-carrying capabilities. Water-soluble or swale-able soils and pigments are effortlessly bound, ready for seamless transport by the GreenEarth liquid silicone dry cleaning fluid. Mastering the Art of Leveling: PRIME’s versatility extends to its role as an exemplary Leveling Agent. It simplifies the treatment of dampened areas, erasing post-cleaning rings with precision and finesse. Bid adieu to unsightly blemishes and welcome garments that radiate perfection. A Commitment to Sustainability: The advantages of PRIME extend beyond immediate gains; they contribute to the long-term sustainability of your dry cleaning enterprise. Experience superior outcomes, reduced claims, minimized re-cleans, and, most importantly, delighted customers. Lower operating costs underscore a more environmentally conscious and financially robust operation. Elevate your dry cleaning business to new echelons of precision and efficiency with PRIME. It is the discreet ingredient that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Discover the PRIME advantage and savor the transformative power it brings to your professional dry cleaning endeavors.


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