EuroCave – Champagne Collection

EuroCave – Champagne Collection

EuroCave – Hotel Wine Cabinet / Luxury Wine Storage / French Wine Cabinet

A wine cabinet dedicated to displaying and serving champagne & other sparkling wines. 

Champagne, the iconic drink for celebrations, also needs to be stored at the perfect serving temperature. Create a moment to be remembered for your clients by displaying your bottles in our unique Champagne cabinet.

Product Details

A temperature range suited to serving all your best sparkling wines.

Our single-temperature cabinet comes in two sizes (small & large) and adjustable from 5 to 12°C. If you like your Champagne cold, the cabinet goes down to 5°C. For long term storage keep the temperature higher, at a maximum 12°C to store your collection. This cabinet is a strong tribute to the individuality of champagne houses and their tradition. Created to store all shapes and sizes of champagne bottles thanks to specially designed shelves it will accommodate your 75cl bottles and your magnums alike. Based on the ice bucket idea, this cabinet comes with a one-of-a-kind, magnificent shelf. This shelf features a turntable on top of which chrome-plated steel bottle supports hold up to 8 bottles (75cl) or 5 magnums. The EuroCave champagne cabinet appeals to all senses: the touch with the leather finishing touches, the sight thanks to the 360 lighting & the taste with the guarantee of a perfect tasting temperature. Devil is in the details and EuroCave sure made them glamourous with custom-made shimmering leather panelling. The leather covers the bottle holders, for a gentle contact with the glass. The cabinet brightens the room in which it is put and complements any decor with amber, blue, or red lighting. Our Champagne cabinet is an extravaganza-infused call to drinking and socialising. Find the Champagne collection on our website.


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