Today’s guests expect seamless, instant, on-demand service

But how can hotels meet these high expectations while juggling daily operations?

The solution lies in prioritising guest feedback. By providing easy ways for guests to share concerns, hotels demonstrate responsive service.

When guests are happy with the service, they are more likely to return. There’s an unspoken rule in hotels: one forgotten request = lost customer.

And even if something goes wrong initially, if it’s corrected quickly, guests will still be satisfied. Fast problem-solving transforms negative experiences into positive ones. And this builds loyalty and trust.

Here’s how TagPoint streamlines guest feedback

Step #1. Guests simply scan a QR code in their rooms or common areas to make service requests or share feedback. No need to call the front desk or wait.

Step #2. Requests are automatically routed to the right staff to respond to requests and resolve issues quickly.

Step #3. Guests can track status and rate service quality when requests are closed.

Step #4. Analytics give hotels visibility into operational performance and guest satisfaction.

Step #5. After checkout, you can follow up and ask guests to provide feedback and rate their overall hotel stay experience.

With TagPoint, guests don’t wait around for services. The app enables 24/7 on-demand requests so hotels can provide a 5-star experience anywhere, anytime.

A free trial period is now available to new customers. The product is free to use for 30 days so you can get to know its features and track its analytics.

Please contact Chris Mason from TagPoint for additional questions or demo-requests.