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Aircharge – Hotel Wireless Charging Solutions

hotel wireless charging solutions

Hotel Wireless Charging Solutions

Aircharge is the world’s leader in developing mobile phone hotel wireless charging solutions for the sector. By providing easy and convenient access to wireless power, hotels, resorts and conference centres can improve their guest experience, benefit from increased traffic to their venues and generate additional opportunities to engage with customers, drive marketing initiatives, loyalty programs and promotions to maximise their revenue.

Founded in 2013, Aircharge provides access to a worldwide network of hotel wireless charging points in public spaces including restaurants, hotels, transport hubs like airports and train stations, retail venues and stadia. Aircharge also deploys wireless charging on buses and trains. There are over 5,000 venues which have adopted Aircharge for a total over 50,000 charging points installed across 55 countries and over 1,000,000 monthly interactions recorded. Aircharge works with the biggest brands in the hospitality industry including AccorHotels brands like Novotel and Ibis, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, The Peninsula, IHG, Aloft, Yas, Nordic Choice and many more. Aircharge is a board member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and a member of Hospitality Tech Next Generation (HTNG).


To satisfy the needs of an always-connected customer, it is crucial to provide the safest and most convenient way to keep mobile devices fully charged.
USB ports are rather fragile when exposed to high usage, can’t be installed everywhere because of safety regulations, and require users to bring their own cable. Solutions like charging lockers or portable battery packs have proven to be very impractical for guests. Lockers force customers to leave their phone behind for the time required to recharge the battery whilst power banks require some management in terms of making sure they are brought back and fully recharged before the next customer wants to use them and are quite heavy to take around.
Very much like Wi-Fi, Qi wireless charging is a universal standard provided by the majority of mobile manufactures including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Google, Nokia, Motorola and more. In addition, smartphone brands have also started integrating the technology into accessories like the latest Galaxy Watch Active and Galaxy Buds from Samsung or the 2nd generation AirPods from Apple. Owners of those devices can conveniently place their Qi hotel wireless charging device on top of a charging pad to charge the battery, without the need of plugging a cable or using an adaptor.


Aircharge is committed to deliver the highest quality standards for hotel wireless charging solutions in the hospitality sector. Our wireless chargers are specifically manufactured with superior grade components for contract use, are water and dust- proof, and include additional features including thermal heating sensor, foreign object detection and internet security, to provide the safest and most convenient charging experience in a hotel, resort or conference centre, 24/7.

With a through-surface, on-surface or sub-surface integration, the Aircharge hotel wireless charging pads can be easily installed in rooms, lounge, lobby, bar, restaurant, meeting and conference rooms, offering an invaluable service to both leisure and business guests.


In addition to wireless power, integration of add-on technologies at point of charge like QR code and NFC, allows users to access additional services directly on their mobile phones, including Wi-Fi connectivity, menu ordering, table service and accessing the latest information, offers and promotions.

Hotels like the Yas Marina in Abu Dhabi, part of the Marriott Group, are successfully utilising this technology to boost loyalty programs and marketing initiatives that are at the core every hotel chain proposition, in order to create brand love and repeated visits from customers.

Via data connectivity, facility managers can also have real-time access to utilisation statistics, making it possible to map traffic and dwell-time and monitor space usage.


As hotel guests become increasingly tech-savvy, they are likely to expect to have the latest technology on hand.
Installing wireless charging points in bedside tables, desks and even in the bathroom (even toothbrushes and trimmers are compatible), means a room completely free from cable clutter where guests don’t have to look for available power sockets, unplugging other appliances, and having to use cables and adaptors.

The luxury chain Peninsula Hotel, for instance, provides Aircharge wireless charging points as a standard in the bedside table of each room.


The best lobbies/reception areas are those that cater to their guests, providing them not only with the services they need but with the services they want.

Nowadays lobbies are not only a place for passage, but rather a meeting point for family and friends, business meetings and where professional and freelancers can sit and work. Offering Aircharge hotel wireless charging solutions points can transform the lobby into a thriving space, giving hotel guests and external visitors a reason not only to visit but also to extent the time spend there as well as their bill, with a positive impact on revenue. Brands like Novotel, Ibis, Hilton and Nordic Choice Hotel are offering Aircharge wireless charging in communal tables and counters in the reception area, achieving an average of over 3,000 interactions per month per site with an average dwell-time above 15min.

In addition, proving Aircharge charging points directly at the counter or dining tables help attract guests and external visitors to your bar or restaurant.

The Aircharge app has over 1 million downloads across iOS and Android devices. With your location listed for free on the app, including access to offers and promotions, you’ll increase footfall and generate extra revenue from customers looking for facilities to charge their devices. Brands including Marriott, Yas Hotel and Premier Inn have Aircharge wireless chargers integrated directly at the bar for customers wanting to charge their phones while having a drink.


hotel wireless charging solutions


Steve Liquorish headshot

Steve Liquorish – CEO – Aircharge

Expert in Hotel Wireless Charging Solutions

Steve was one of the early mover in the world of Qi, betting on the technology to become the leading standard for wireless charging. Aircharge holds a number of chairing positions in the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC – the organisation that coordinates the Qi standard) and Steve himself is co-chair of its global promotional group.

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