Aircharge – Digital Marker

Aircharge – Digital Marker

Aircharge – Hotel Wireless Charging Solutions

The Aircharge+ smart Digital Marker enables you to turn any table into a smart table. It does not require any power to function and can be easily programmed to digitalise and integrate your mobile services to enable a truly contactless experience at table, without the need of downloading an app.

Co-Branded Solution, Full Bleed Colour & Image Printing

Available with:

  • QR Web App launch for mobile services & marketing initiatives
  • Co-branding and bespoke full bleed colour & image printing
  • Data connectivity for system monitoring, analytics & over-the-air updates

Product Details


  • Quick and Easy Install
  • Can be glued to table – Perfect for reception areas, lounges and bars
  • Durable tempered Gorilla Glass top
  • QR Web App launch
  • NFC Web App launch
  • Co-branding and bespoke full bleed colour & image printing available
  • Data connectivity supported


  • Finish/colour: Gorilla Glass Black/White
  • Material: Alluminium, Gorilla Glass
  • Adhesive: 3M Glue


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