The monks of Norcia have added a third beer to their celebrated beverage offering. Tripel, which has just been released, marks a new stage in the renewed brewing culture at the heart of Umbria. Unlike the first two beers, Bionda and Extra, which were brewed in conjunction with one of the great Trappist brewmasters, Tripel is the first drink designed wholly by the Benedictines at the birthplace of Saint Benedict himself. Early reviews suggest this may soon be considered their best beer, with a remarkable 3.8 on Untappd. 

The 8% ABV Birra Nursia Tripel has a deep amber hue with copper nuances, and is topped with a creamy ivory head. The aroma presents soft orange and hop notes, with hints of pear, ripe banana, and fruit liqueur. On the palate, the beer is refreshing and thirst-quenching and is rounded off by pleasant whole wheat bread and malt flavors. A firm but balanced bitterness lingers discreetly in the mouth, inviting you to take another sip.

Monastic Order