Monastic Order – Birra Nursia Bionda

Monastic Order – Birra Nursia Bionda

Monastic Order – Sustainable Hotel Wine / Luxury Hotel Beer / Premium Wine for Hotels

Birra Nursia Bionda is a golden, luminous beer with a creamy, compact and persistent head. Its fresh aroma is enhanced by hints of coriander and lemon zest. With time, it matures to become an ethereal floral perfume. The palate is enlivened by the hop and malt notes. The cheerful carbonation and the gentle, dry finish nicely round off the body of this beer. Birra Nursia Bionda pairs particularly well with cheese, pasta and white meats. 

Product Details

6% ABV. Available in 330ml and 750ml bottles. Birra Nursia follows in the illustrious footsteps of Belgian Trappist heritage with a careful crafting to suit the famed meats, cheeses, pizzas and pastas of the Italian region of Umbria. Food Pairings Starters of cheese and vegetables, followed by delicate artichoke tortellini and oven-cooked white meats. Complements pizzas such as Four Seasons, white pizzas with artichokes and cured ham, or cooked ham with cheese and asparagus.


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