Did you know?

With popular messengers you can digitise only 20% of service tasks.

Hotel managers spend at least 2 hours a week finding all service requests in different chats and moving them into reports.

Service requests can be lost when you use messengers designed for personal communication in the workplace.

If we analyse data related to the hospitality industry, we discover that the maintenance, operation, and repair processes in hotels are often bogged down by routine and repetitive tasks, which require constant communication among employees.

There is a risk associated with using popular messengers for communication in the workplace, which is why professional tools are required. The purpose of such instruments is to minimise the number of lost service requests, speed up communication, and make hotel team experience better.

To help address these challenges, our team at TagPoint has created TagPoint Messenger, a specialised messenger designed designed to meet the needs of hotel managers and teams.

Unlike personal communication messengers, in TP Messenger, hotel staff can easily create, assign, and monitor work tasks in a single stream of communication, — comments Chris Mason, Customer Success Director, TagPoint

TP Messenger data and examples are provided here.

Graphic with an i phone displaying chat. Text reads: Create and assign tasks directly in the app. Contact each team member using one app. Keep your corporate and personal chats separate. Tagpoint Hotelier Messenger

What you can do with TP Messenger:

  • Manage a single employee list
    The contact list includes only employees and managers. As a result, teams can separate personal and work chats and communicate faster
  • Create chat groups by department
    With TP Messenger, managers can establish chats based on types of service tasks, inviting relevant specialists. For example, a chat can be set up for cleaning specialists with specific tasks such as garbage removal and wet cleaning
  • Create, monitor, close and evaluate tasks directly in chats
    The TP Messenger allows automatically create requests via the chat, and then record all task statuses, preventing tasks from being lost, forgotten, or incorrectly executed
  • Indicate employees’ workload
    Automatic tracking of employee workloads allows distribution of tasks to be planned more effectively
  • Get insightful reports
    Transparent analytics enable managers to track the efficiency of chat participants and make decisions based on data

In addition to being easy to integrate into hotel work processes, TP Messenger does not require additional training for hotel staff. The solution helps team members to differentiate between personal correspondence and work correspondence, to monitor tasks and evaluate personnel efficiency, and to make data-driven decisions.

Overall, TP Messenger provides hotels with a valuable tool to improve their communication and task management processes, which can enhance guest experiences and increase hotel staff efficiency.

A free trial period is now available to new customers. The product is free to use for 30 days so you can get to know its features and track its analytics.

Please contact Chris Mason from TagPoint for additional questions or demo-request.