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Core Lighting - Hotel LED Lighting / Hotel LED Uplighters

Powerful battery-powered Hotel LED Lighting and Hotel LED Uplighters for events or permanent use. Our white or coloured LED lamps will add a spectacle to your venue, hotel or conference centre. For temporary lighting your events or permanent use where you cannot get power.

From simple table lighting for dining guests or occasional tables to coloured uplighting the whole building or practical lighting for floodlighting outdoor areas, they work indoors or outdoors and are wirelessly controlled. We design, manufacture and support in the UK.

Hotel LED Lighting / Hotel LED Uplighters
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Wireless Battery Powered Hotel LED Uplighters

Battery-powered hotel LED uplighters with App or wireless control, designed for the most exclusive indoor environments, but also rated for year-round outdoor use (IP65). Compact and lightweight, the very bright 2000lumen/60Watt output will uplight large trees, 6 storey architectural uplighting and powerful wall-washing inside or outside buildings and marquees. The lithium battery recharges in 5hrs & lasts 8-20hrs – enough for most events.

Highly attractive design for indoors, and simple recharging, the hotel led up-lighters are easy to use by a wide range of users. There are two models, the ColourPoint and the ColourPoint Mini. Even the Mini version is suitable for 2 to 3 storey uplighting and medium-sized trees.

Wireless battery Hotel Table Lighting

Two different solutions are available for battery-powered hotel table lighting; either pin spot lighting table centres from above the table or lighting on the table inside table lamps or other pieces of artwork, floral displays or effects.

Both solutions are wirelessly controlled via an App or a wireless system (Wireless DMX).

The CORE TablePoint hotel table lamp solution is available in coloured and white LEDs and fits in place of a light bulb using whichever fitting is available on the lamp (Edison screw, Small Edison Screw, or Bayonet B22). The ‘bulb’ is battery powered and app-controlled for its colour and brightness, meaning the mains lead can simply be cut off the lamp. Most ‘traditional’ or contemporary lamps can therefore be used anywhere where there is no power socket, indoors or outdoors, which has the advantage of speed of setup and flexibility; they can be moved around without having to set up and move unsafe or unsightly mains cables. The TablePoint will last for 8-20 hours, sufficient for most events.

Its magnetic base also allows the unit to be mounted onto any steel surface, such as staircases and architectural structures, or placed inside plastic furniture and decorative objects to illuminate from the inside.

Our hotel led up-lighters are used by most top lighting rental companies, hotels, museums, galleries and venues in the UK, USA and other countries around Europe. Examples include The Ritz London, Wellcome Collection, The Louvre, Rijksmuseum, National Theatre plus many large houses and hotels across the UK. We also supply many smaller provincial hotels and venues that value strong performance, quality and reliability over lower quality imports lasting a fraction of the lifetime.

With UK manufacturing and local support, we keep your lighting running for years, thereby providing a more green solution over the long term.

Hotel LED Lighting – Wireless battery pin spot lighting

The CORE PinPoint pin spot solution can be used to illuminate table centres, art pieces, paintings and museum objects by mounting the PinPoint from above and controlling brightness from an App.

Battery-powered and wireless controlled, it has a sharp, bright hotel LED lighting beam which is zoomable from 4 degrees out to 45 degrees.

The PinPoint hotel led lighting solution can be mounted using the in-built magnet to secure to steel, or on the same innovative base solution as our TablePoint. There’s also a screw thread mount for even more secure semi-permanent mounting.

With a bright warm-white LED beam controlled from the CORE Lightdesk App, the PinPoint can deliver a surprising amount of light for 10 hours or more, sufficient for most events.

Battery-powered hotel floodlights

Designed for instant, temporary floodlighting anywhere, CORE battery-powered hotel floodlights are ideal for fast deployment to quickly light large scenes, areas, car parks, arenas and requires no planning permission in most places. Battery-powered with no messy cables, extremely high brightness at 16,000-20,000 lumens and rugged outdoor-rated design. Also available with 100-240V input.

The head sits on a tripod stand at 3.2m and the portable lightweight battery unit sits on the ground or hangs from the frame

Battery-powered exhibition & festoon lighting

Designed for instant, temporary power anywhere, CORE EnergyPoint hotel led lighting is ideal for fast deployment of power for 12V products such as LED lamps, LED striplight, festoon lamps and exhibition lighting.

Ideal for merchandising, battery power means no messy cables and the ability to use traditional lighting in areas where power is either not available or is expensive such as exhibitions, shopping centres, market stalls, marquee tents, fieldwork.

The battery pack can last for a 2-day exhibition with the right lamps attached and be recharged overnight in a separate place (hotel room or office).

Various accessories are available such as exhibition lighting stems and clamps. Long festoon lamp chains are also available 5metres each and can be connected together up to 25 metres.

Hotel LED Lighting / Hotel LED Uplighters



Hotel LED Lighting / Hotel LED Uplighters
Hotel LED Lighting / Hotel LED Uplighters
Hotel LED Lighting / Hotel LED Uplighters
Hotel LED Lighting / Hotel LED Uplighters
Hotel LED Lighting / Hotel LED Uplighters


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