What inspired you to launch the company?

Well, I was actually doing an MBA at the time, and it started with a conversation with a friend of mine about a hole in the market and an application for our product. I had a background in manufacturing, design, and more importantly wireless communication – which is needed for the products we create. The main aspect of that conversation was that we could see a big hole in the market for wireless and battery lighting and could see the market moving that way due to speed of setup and minimising labour/technical lighting staff – which it did in a big way. Because there was nothing similar to our unique product it really made us pioneers in this area – and now plenty of major events in London are lit up with our product. We started off aiming at the festival and outdoor events but had also seen it has a lot of application possibilities in loads of different sectors.

Do you have a specific target market?

Well, as I mentioned we started off in festivals but quickly moved on to outdoor events being the main market. It started with selling our equipment to rental companies and they would rent our products out to events and businesses etc. Quickly after that, a lot of the businesses started buying the products due to the high quality and them noticing our products from the rentals. This became a huge market and started selling to a lot of the bigger hotels and businesses after this. A few great examples of this would be the Ritz, Wembley Stadium, London Science Museum, and the Royal Opera House. One of our major selling points and huge markets was a lot of places wanted quick to set up products. A lot of hotels or museums would often have a few events one after the other with small time to set up which isn’t enough for cabled lighting, that’s where our products are very popular. Due to the fact they can be quickly set up, moved easily due to wireless features and long-lasting battery, it means they’re ideal for a huge range of Clients – and this is where we have made a huge impact in the market. We have gone from simple outdoor events to selling to the High-end names in businesses, so a huge jump in our target markets.

Where would you like to be in both the short and long term?

We would like to grow our additional products a lot more – such as the battery table lamps, floodlights, festoon lights, and our new future products. We would also like to expand a lot more into new markets such as Hotels and Cruise. We would like to continue building up our reputation of having solid, reliable products. We are also looking to get our floodlights into a lot more sporting stadiums and events. We are also working on improving our current App technology and increasing the battery life on our wireless floodlights. We would like to expand internationally a bit more. We sell internationally a lot currently, a third of our business comes from the US from our partner business over there, but we would like to expand further and make an impact all over.

How would you say the business is Unique?

Technical Solidity is something that all of our products brag about. They’re hugely reliable, wireless, and long-lasting battery. A few of our major features are what we offer in terms of the customer side. They are supported and repaired locally within the UK, meaning there is no outsourcing to international companies. One other feature of our products is that they are hugely versatile and multi-use, as they can all be used inside and out. A lot of events love this as they can be used inside for a classy look and then be used outside in rain, wind or storm. This makes them reliable and has built our reputation for producing solid products. We also utilise one of our most important resources – our customers. We listen to all of our feedback and ideas, in-fact our last product – the TablePoint lamp – was designed off the back of a customer idea. This is something that really allowed us to step ahead of our competition, your customers are your key market so creating what they want is going to lead to a long-lasting and successful business.

What is the benefit of your product over the everyday cable lights?

Long-term cost and very fast setup is a big thing, for ourselves and customers. For instance, our Spotlights can last up to 13 hours on a single charge- and only cost 7 pence per charge. This is a lot cheaper for events than paying lighting staff to set up the normal cabled lighting, or a generator in a lot of cases. Like I mentioned before its also the flexibility of being able to use the products in a huge number of scenarios. We have a section on our website called case studies which has a few different events and examples of how our products can be used in different markets. This goes from using our lights for an airport landing strip in Antarctica – where the lights were able to be seen by the aircraft in midday, mid-summer, to a huge high-end event for Huawei Executives – where a big Georgian stately home was hidden in the dark and then lit up using our lights as a spectacle. (There will be a few pictures of our lights in different events at the bottom) hotel led lighting / hotel led uplighters / hotel supplies