Wolkberg Casting Studios – Lowveld coal surface

Wolkberg Casting Studios – Lowveld coal surface

Wolkberg Casting Studios – Handmade Hotel Tiles / Bespoke Limesite Tiles / Limesite Surfaces for Hotels

Colour variation is an inherent property of Limesite™. In a single colour cast one can expect many shades of that colour to occur as well as blasts of white. The variation is what makes Limesite™ surfaces so appealing. Colour variation is not a flaw and should be considered when specifying your projects.

TEXTURE | Dimensions

Dimension surfaces have a lot of visible movement. Surface imperfections are an inherent property of the Dimension side and is not a flaw but rather an aesthetic appeal.


Our Silk surface is a more stable looking surface texture and is smoother to the touch due to the in-mould finish. The surfaces will still have colour variation but it is not as pronounced as the Dimension side.

Our quality control procedures will see to it that there is a level of consistency on the quality and finish.

For a more accurate understanding of what to expect on an installation please look at past projects.

Always look at samples in conjunction with images of projects for an understanding of the aesthetics.

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