Wolkberg Casting Studios – ZEPHYR BREEZE BLOCKS

Wolkberg Casting Studios – ZEPHYR BREEZE BLOCKS

Wolkberg Casting Studios – Handmade Hotel Tiles / Bespoke Limesite Tiles / Limesite Surfaces for Hotels

Fit, form and function is the foundation of product development and the new Limesite Breeze Block ticks all the boxes. The humble breeze block has come a long way since the 1920's and recently we have seen an uptake in the use of this block for decorative purpose but let's not forget it's highly beneficial functional side.  

Zephyr meaning a gentle breeze is quite fitting to the function this block will bring to a space.  Breeze blocks provide a shield from harsh winds, creating shade from the sun and of course is ideal as a privacy screen indoor and outdoor. 

Our Zephyr Block is the upgraded version to the standard block. The designer form creates a sleek block with a window that can receive various different inserts.  These inserts can be made from other materials like, glass, copper, brass, basket weaves, wire and more.  The perfect collaboration product for us to involve other local designer makers and craftspeople. These elements will be add on to the the master block.

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