Vitamin D Zooki

Vitamin D Zooki

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Sunshine in a sachet: The smart way to hit your daily Vitamin D quota.

Ideally suited as an in-room amenity, corporate events, as well as mini-bar and breakfast bar.

Product Details

Vitamin D Zooki Benefits

Vitamin D Zooki is a high-strength, on-the-go Vitamin D supplement in a yummy mixed berry flavour. Designed to strengthen your immune system, support your bones and skeletal system, as well as boost your mood during the winter months.

It can be taken straight from the sachet, designed to be a convenient on the go support to your immunity.

Delicious berry flavour. 100% natural and free from sugar, alcohol, gluten, dairy, soy and sugar.

Enjoy straight from the sachet, in smoothies, shakes, porridge and more. With a taste just like mixed berry yogurt, it also makes the perfect afternoon snack or delicious dessert substitute.

What our customers say

“Great taste and high absorption – best way to boost Vitamin D deficiency in the UK” – Gemma M.

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