Hair Zooki

Hair Zooki

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Good hair days are just a sachet away! Hair Zooki is perfect for anyone looking to support and promote hair growth and nourishment.

Ideally suited to bolster the luxury spa experience.

Product Details

Hair Zooki Benefits

Formulated with three master nutrients to care for your hair, providing targeted support from the inside out. Expect stronger and more nourished hair, with extra support for your skin and nails.

Delicious raspberry ripple flavour. 1000mcg Biotin, 55mcg Selenium, 10mg Zinc. 100% natural ingredients. Free from gluten, soy, dairy, sugar, alcohol. Vegan-friendly.

Add to water, smoothies or have straight from the sachet

What our customers say

“I just love everything about this supplement. My hair is healthier, thicker, grows faster and it taste really good!” Gaelle T.

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