TopStop – Revo1 4all: General Surface Cleaning

TopStop – Revo1 4all: General Surface Cleaning

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A supplementary material that helps maintain a uniform atmosphere. Revo1 4all is a family of highly concentrated detergents for general surface cleaning, in which we have incorporated the perfume you have chosen to scent your hotel.

Product Details

Revo1 4all is provided in double bag refills of 100 mL each, which are diluted with water in special dosimetric bottles with a capacity of 1 L in order to form the ready-to-use product.


1. Fill the bottle with water until the point of 900 mL (indicated by a grey line at the top right corner of the label).

2. Remove the tap from one of the two bag refills that contain the concentrated product and empty the content inside the bottle.

3. Adjust the trigger and shake the bottle gently, so that the mixture becomes homogeneous.

4. Spray directly on any surface or cleaning cloth and wipe.

The Revo1 system complies with some major eco-friendly principles:

90 % Less waste volume. Bags, when emptied, reduce the volume of waste to a minimum, unlike plastic containers,  which remain unchanged.

Reduce: 70% less plastic. Our bag reduces the use of plastics to what is absolutely necessary.

Reuse. With the special multi-use bottles, we reduce the use of plastic to a minimum.

✓ 70% reduction in transport costs. Our packages’ volume is characteristically small, thus making the delivery process much easier, indirectly meaning less energy consumption.


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