TopStop – Liquid Spray for Manual Air Freshening

TopStop – Liquid Spray for Manual Air Freshening

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The best way to scent your rooms just before your guests’ arrival. Manual air freshening can be used just after cleaning has taken place, so that the fragrance is active and lasts longer. After a few applications, the scent begins to blend harmoniously with the space.

Product Details

In this application, the perfume is provided in a concentrated form in double bag refills of 300 mL each, which are diluted with water in special dosimetric bottles with a capacity of 1 L in order to form the ready-to-use product.


1. Fill the bottle with water until the point of 700 mL (indicated by a grey line on the right side of the label).

2. Remove the tap from one of the two bag refills that contain the concentrated product and empty the content inside the bottle.

3. Adjust the trigger and shake the bottle gently, so that the mixture becomes homogeneous.

4. Spray in the air to freshen up a room, while avoiding direct contact with fabrics.


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