South Shore Furniture – Amalfi Collection – Outdoor/Indoor side table

South Shore Furniture – Amalfi Collection – Outdoor/Indoor side table

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The Amalfi collection brings refined Scandinavian flair and functionality, ideal for outdoor commercial venues. Crafted to withstand the bustle of high-traffic areas, Amalfi tables merge durability with sleek design, providing café terraces, hotel gardens, and urban outdoor areas with a setting that’s both stylish and welcoming.

Product Details

The perfect patio accessory

Changing your decor is a second nature to you? This hourglass-shaped outdoor side table is sure to get you thinking about your next project! You’ll immediately fall under the spell of not only its minimalist Scandinavian cut, but above all its great resistance to the elements. In fact, this end table is unlikely to fade, be scratched or be affected by the weather. It requires very little maintenance on your part! Suitable for both residential and commercial use, this end table’s versatility makes it a real winner.

Unique design

The magnesium oxide from which this end table is made produces a highly realistic concrete finish, even featuring unique veining. Both in texture and appearance, this Scandinavian-inspired outdoor table is a real eye-catcher! Color variations are possible. That’s the beauty of natural materials!

NATURAL CONCRETE ASPECT: When it comes to interior design, the craze for concrete continues. The texture of this end table, with its veining, perfectly embraces this trend.

4-SEASON FURNITURE: Magnesium oxide makes this garden piece of furniture highly resistant to water, fading, scratches and heat. You’ll love its low maintenance side.

NORDIC INFLUENCE: This hourglass-shaped side table, with its rounded cut, is a fine example of Scandinavian culture and its adoration for simple yet practical furniture.

COMMERCIAL QUALITY: Thanks to its weather-resistant design, this outdoor side table is suitable for both private and commercial spaces, such as a poolside or hotel terrace.

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