South Shore Furniture – Balka Collection – Chair and Stool

South Shore Furniture – Balka Collection – Chair and Stool

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The Balka collection, with its eclectic mix of textures and finishes, brings a touch of sophistication and character suited for shared spaces frequented by a diverse clientele. Each piece suggests a sense of discovery, perfect for enlivening gathering and transit areas. It’s the style that five the impression of traveling all year long!

Product Details

• TWO COMFORTABLE CHAIRS: This set contains two chairs that’ll help you keep your back straight and maintain ergonomic posture at all times. There’s also enough space under the chair to move your legs and stretch a little. You’ll never want to get up!

• A HANDMADE BOHEMIAN LOOK: Add a natural, warm, comforting look to your dining room with these bohemian chairs. We love the mix of textures in the woven rattan seat and the metal hairpin legs. They’ll certainly impress your guests!

• PROTECTIVE RUBBER CAPS: To avoid scratches and other damage to your floors, each leg on these chairs is capped with protective rubber.


A set of 2 chairs for the dining room

Add comfort and style to your dining room with this set of two chairs made of rattan. You’ll have great posture for hours and these chairs have enough space for your legs. So you can take time to enjoy your meal or have a few drinks with friends or family. And if you have guests coming over, these chairs can also be used in the living room if you’re short of space for everyone to sit.

A trendy, bohemian touch

The bohemian style evokes nature and relaxation. These chairs, with their rattan seats and hairpin metal legs, will give your dining room a warm, welcoming touch. And each one is handwoven: you’ll have unique pieces made with love.

Sturdy and well thought out seating

We don’t like chairs that are unstable and noisy when you move them. The good news is that these bohemian chairs have metal legs for better stability and sturdiness. To avoid damaging your floors, each leg comes with a protective rubber cap.

Material and care

• Rattan
• Wipe with a dry cloth
• This product is made in Indonesia for South Shore

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