SoftBank Robotics – Meet Whiz – The Collaborative Robot

SoftBank Robotics – Meet Whiz – The Collaborative Robot

SoftBank Robotics – The power of cobotics to benefit humanity

Whiz is a cobotic vacuum cleaner that collaborates with cleaning teams to create happier, healthier environments. Whiz handles vacuuming so that cleaners can focus on more important cleaning tasks.

Product Details

Deliver a safe & healthy hotel guest experience with Whiz:
  • Contactless capabilities

By replacing manual vacuuming with a robot vacuum, you can minimise direct contact between hotel guests and cleaning staff to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19.

  • Accurate system

Take the guesswork out of your cleaning protocols. Whiz provides a consistent clean and doesn’t spot clean or skip areas. You get 99.8% area coverage and 99.9% pathogen removal—every time.

  • Smart features

Leveraging the latest artificial intelligence, Whiz is always getting smarter. Whiz adapts to changes in the cleaning environment in real-time and can easily handle modifications to programmed routes.

  • Visibility

Hotel guests appreciate seeing Whiz, knowing it is helping to keep them safe and healthy. Whiz is a visual demonstration of your commitment to your guests’ wellbeing.

  • Measurable proof of cleanliness

Whiz provides measurable proof of clean and data-driven insights to improve cleaning performance continuously. With Whiz Connect, stakeholders can easily access reports, track ROI, and see what, when, and how each space is cleaned in real-time.

  • Proven ability to clean to the standard

Trusted by leading hospitality brands, our technology is backed by a proven roadmap for success, enabling fast adoption and immediate results in any hospitality space.

Learn more about whiz and our air quality Study here.

Learn more about Whiz dimensions here.

Get in touch with one of our experts here.

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