SoftBank Robotics – Meet Keenbot – The tray delivery robot

SoftBank Robotics – Meet Keenbot – The tray delivery robot

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Improve your dining experience with Keenbot 

A collaborative tray delivery robotic that works with hospitality and kitchen teams to improve end user service experience.

Keenbot takes care of repetitive delivery to and from the kitchen to the table freeing up serving staff to be more customer focused and improving the dining experience.

Product Details

Deliver an effective & pleasant hotel guest experience with keenbot:
  • Be highly adaptable

Indoor navigation technology developed in-house enables location accuracy and easy delivery in a variety of difficult settings.

  • Reduce the time it takes for delivery

Keenbot can bring dishes to four tables at once because of its multi-point delivery function. The cruise delivery mode is convenient for customers to pick up meals by themselves.

  • Schedule multiple robots simultaneously

Increased job productivity by using an intelligent timetable system to deploy many robots.

  • Avoid and detect obstacles

In unexpected situations, robots can detect obstacles and devise the best route to avoid colliding.

  • Have larger serving capacity

Keenbots multi-tray architecture gives you the freedom to adapt to varied settings.

  • Manage Keenbots speed control

The ultra-flexible regional speed limit function can alter its speed based on the slope’s gradient.

To learn more about Keenbot dimensions here.

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